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Incoming President Message

  • April 27, 2020 6:00 PM
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    Donn Harvey (Administrator)

    This message was sent to me by incoming NWNO President Mark Zenor with his thoughts on the club. 

    My thoughts for the future of the NWNO club.

    Mark Zenor

    We are faced right now with a situation no one expected to happen, and it strikes at the heart of what the NWNO and other motorcycle organizations like ours are all about. Like minded enthusiasts that appreciate each other’s enthusiasm about Nortons. This means getting together to talk Nortons, to ride Nortons and to share technical information and help.

    Hopefully, this will be soon!

    So, we will start planning for an event when it is safe to do so, and we can all get together and celebrate and get back to doing what we like best. We will put some ideas out soon on the web page for some feedback from our members.

    After mentioning the NWNO web page, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the voting on the motion and the election. Donn will be posting some stats on that, and it’s impressive. We have a full complement of Officers, my deep appreciation for those who are staying in Office and, to our new Secretary.

    This brings me to one of my ideas. I would like us to figure out how to include online voting for more of our club’s business. Our membership is spread across a wide area and the more we involve our distant members the better!

    My goals are simple, more riding, more tech sessions, discussion and more time to allow people to interact.

    I plan to present the idea of modifying the meeting format during the summer months to include a group ride with a very short meeting before or after the ride, if required, to settle old business or something new that needs immediate attention. Some of the motions, discussion and voting could be done online, thus reaching the wider membership and reducing the duration of the meeting.

    Meetings will be structured. An agenda will be published ahead of time, I would like help in getting new business, concerns, issues identified ahead of the meeting when possible. This will allow better focus and shorter business meetings, which will allow more time for technical discussion and allow more catch up time between members and less cross talk.

    I would like to see some meetings held outside the greater Seattle area; the general Renton area has been discussed before. To that extent, I have done some online searching and found a couple possibilities. I understand just how hard it is to get around due to traffic and anticipate that some northern members will find it more difficult to attend, hopefully, this will bring some other members to become more active to offset that. Unfortunately, the response to my email inquiries sent to several venues has been poor, however these are trying times. This will need to wait till the lock down restrictions are lifted.

    Above all we will need to be flexible, I think we should try something and if it doesn’t work, try something new. I have some other ideas and I am sure other members do also. I can’t wait until we can get together and get going.

    Stay safe, ride when you can, keep it rubber side down.


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Mark Zenor

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